Island Family Health Care


We offer clinics and other types of office experiences that are unlike the usual type of office appointment. Of course you can book a routine office visit as before, but the following is a description of some other types of services that we provide.

One such service is the heart wellness clinic. This is for people who may have one or more risk factors for heart disease such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, diabetes, or previous manifestations of circulation problems (heart attack, stroke, bad leg circulation). If you gave a specific problem, a regular office visit is best for you. To manage these chronic issues, a clinic is the best place. Theses clinics take place monthly. The dates are:

Another clinic is the well man's clinic. This is for men over age 50, and it involves getting routine bloodwork done beforehand, and you will be seen at the clinic shortly after you get your bloodwork done. If you have specific problems, book a regular office visit. Otherwise, for routine checkups, you are best advised to be seen at a well man's clinic. These clinics are to be held on the following dates:

There has been an interruption of clinics due to our expansion, but they will be restarting soon (early 2016).