Island Family Health Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page of our site. In this page we will answer many of the questions that are asked by patients on a regular basis. Note that these questions are questions about issues specific to our practice. For general health related questions, please check the myHealth page.

Should I book an appointment or walk in to see us?

Appointments should be booked and most of the time we will see you the day that you want to be seen (including same day).

Can I book an appointment in advance?

Yes you can.

If I am booked, can I bring someone else in to get checked also?

Please, when you book, remember to book an appointment for the other person as well.

Is everything free of charge?

Your medical care is always free of charge. You will never be billed for an office visit. Forms, ear syringing, the cost of materials (such as liquid nitrogen) and phone-in prescriptions are not covered by MSI and there will have to be a charge for these services. We do phone-in prescriptions free for patients over age 70, and we do make exceptions for truly infirmed persons. For a more complete breakdown of fees please see our non-insured services.

Why do I have to wait so long in the waiting room to see the doctor (at times)?

To allow patients to be seen when they want to be seen we sometimes have to see more people some days than others. Also, we do not limit patients to one complaint per office visit. We take as much time as needs to be taken that day. For theses reasons, we cannot predict how long each visit will be.

What should I do to prepare for my doctors appointment?

You should ensure that your health card is up to date and you should bring all of your pill bottles (not a list). If you have a smart phone, then taking a picture of all of your pill bottles with labels clearly visible would be very useful .You can keep this up to date info on your phone for all medical visits. You should know which prescriptions are due to be refilled.

Can I follow Island Family Health Care on Facebook or Twitter

Yes, you can follow us on Twitter at @IsleFamHealth and you can follow us on Facebook .

What is meant by advanced access?

It means that we should be able to see you the day that you want. You can still book in advance. We can only do this 95% of the time because there will be occasions (flu outbreaks, vacations, doctor in surgery, etc.) where we cannot gaurantee this.

Can I chose which doctor I see?

Generally not, except during the well woman's and well man's examinations/clinics.

When can I get liquid nitrogen for warts?

You can get it on any day that your doctor is in, and there is a $10 fee.

Is there a wait to get forms completed?

Generally it is 1-3 weeks.

What if I am going to be late for my appointment?

Please call us, and we may be able to fit you in later.

How long does it take to get test results back?

Most lab tests take 1 day, and x-ray reports take 4 days. Pap test results take about 2 months to get back. Pathology reports take 1-2 weeks.

Can I get results over the phone?

Generally not, but we do make exceptions for infirm patients and people who get frequent regular bloodwork.

Are we taking new patients?

Unfortunately at this point we cannot take more patients because we feel that it would compromise the care of the patients that we do have.

Can we get walk-in xrays at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital?

The hospitals in New Waterford, Glace Bay, and North Sydney all provide walk-in xray service. This means that if we give you a requisition in the office you can simply walk in to the xray department with it during regular business hours (see contact us). For labwork, no appointment is needed at any of the hospitals. The Cape Breton Regional Hospital requires an appointment for xrays.

What are the hours for xray appointments at different hospitals and labs?

See contact us.

What tests need to be booked and which ones can I get slips for?

As above, no labwork needs an appointment and the only xrays that need appointments are at the Cape Breton Regional Hospitals.

How can I renew my health card number?

Please go to this site, and it will give you the required information.