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Welcome to the My Health page of our site. In this page we will answer many of the health related questions that are asked by patients on a regular basis.

Should I get a screening PSA done?

Probably not. It has not been useful in terms of significant benefit to patients. However, discuss this with your doctor if you are interested in getting one.

I have a head cold. Can I get my vaccinations?

If you or your child have no fever and are not very sick, this is usually not a problem to get the vaccination(s).

How can I get medical advice after hours?

After hours medical advice is available by calling 811. This is a provincial program where you can speak to a registered nurse. If you think it is an emergency, go to the emergency department.

At what age should I begin having my sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure checked?

Age 40 is generally the age that these start to be checked. If you have risk factors such as smoking or family history of heart disease these should be done sooner.

When should women start having PAP tests?

PAP tests are generally started at age 21. They are genreally done yearly and once a woman has 3 annual normal PAP tests, they are done less frequently.

Should I be screened for colon cancer?

Men between ages 50 and 70 should have stool tests every second year looking for blood. Often this is done as part of the provincial program. Colonoscopy (visualizing ths colon (lower bowel)) should be done for higher risk individuals (such as having a family history of colon cancer).

Should I get PAP tests after getting a hysterectomy?

Generally not, except if the hysterectomy was performed for cancer or pre-cancer reasons.

Do I need a prescription for Twinrix or shingles vaccination?


Who should get the shingles vaccination and does it cost a lot?

Everybody over age 50, even if they have had an episdoe of shingles in the past. The cost is approximately $200-$250.

Am I overweight?

You can use the BMI calculator below to give you an idea if you are overweight.
Meters Feet Inches

Kilograms Pounds


Should I get my calcium and vitamin d levels tested?

Although some people recommend this, there is not good evidence for routine measurments of these values.

Should I take calcium or vitamin d?

Yes, adults should take this, and the recommendations are as follows:

What are some good methods to keep track of my calories and what I am eating.

The website myfitnesspal , which can either be used through the web interface or their smartphone apps (available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices), is an excellent resource for calorie counting and keeping track of nutrition.